International Chocolate Day- July 7

International Chocolate Day- July 7

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It is a thing, and it is happening really soon, near you.  July 7th is globally known as International Chocolate Day, also known as the World Chocolate Day.  This date is officially entered in the International Awareness calendar, and it is observed worldwide.

World Chocolate Day...and its derivatives

World Chocolate Day is celebrated on the 7th day of July of every year. This celebration is not to be confused with National Chocolate Days, which are celebrated arbitrarily from country to country at different times.

Aside from the difference between World Chocolate Day and National Chocolate Day, there is yet another chocolate observance celebrated by chocolate confectioners which also takes place at some other time in the year when the guilds decide to get together.

Even more confusing still is that there are other, more specific nationwide chocolate day celebrations that focus on specific chocolate products. This is the case of the National Chocolate Pudding Day, and the National Tim Tam Day, just to name two examples.

Keep in mind, that the only recognized international day for chocolate celebration is the July 7th celebration of World Chocolate Day. All other celebrations are independent, and not connected to the July 7 festivity. Still, why not make a note in our calendars to celebrate them as well, right?

What exactly is celebrated during World Chocolate Day?

The easy answer is to say that chocolate is center stage during World Chocolate Day. However, it is more than just one finished cocoa product that gets celebrated. Ever since its introduction to Europe in the middle ages, cocoa beans have spiced up the menus and sweetened the tables of millions of consumers.

From its humble beginnings as just a drinking alternative to coffee and tea, to its most recent, ultra-sophisticated uses, cacao, or cocoa beans, continue to be one of the most versatile food products to work with.

It comes as no surprise that, during International Chocolate Day, or World Chocolate Day, all products derived from the cacao plant and cocoa bean are celebrated. Candy bars, cakes, chocolate sauces, ice cream, main dishes, hot and cold cocoa drinks, and even chocolate liqueurs are just some of the celebrated forms of chocolate that are consumed during this super awesome celebration.

Excellent marketing opportunity

World Chocolate Day is a great opportunity for those in the culinary and confectionery fields to really show off some spectacular made-for-the-occasion treats. It is one of the best chances for businesses to showcase themselves and maximize influence and visibility in the online and offline communities. From t-shirts to decals, to posters, to apps and online games, it has never been easier or cheaper to market a dish, or restaurant, than through World Chocolate Day.

Lest we forget: Chocolate comes in all colors

Another wonderful way to celebrate unity through World Chocolate Day is by simply creating the awareness that, like people, chocolate comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Just check out some of the favorites:

-white chocolate
-milk chocolate
-semisweet chocolate
-baking, unsweetened chocolate
-couverture chocolate

Specialty chocolates

You may want to use World Chocolate Day to set yourself some goals for your chocolate eating experience.

There are specialty chocolates that are continuously created to give users a unique experience.

One of these is the Ruby chocolate, which was released just 2 years ago. This chocolate uses a different cocoa bean, eponymously named the “Ruby cocoa” bean. You experience a sweet and sour taste accompanied by a hue of red that makes this unique confection truly special.

Aside from fusion chocolates that are mixed with fruit, nuts, and other delicious ingredients, World Chocolate Day celebrations include chocolate choices for those on special diets.

Keto chocolate, or chocolate with little to no sugar, is typically mixed with an artificial sweetener and nuts to create a “milk chocolate” feel that leaves you satisfied.

Paleo practitioners experiment with carob (which contains no caffeine) and parts of the cocoa bean to create the most natural rendition of a chocolate bar, devoid of preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

The point is: There will be something out there for you in the world of chocolate making. All you need to do is explore and put in your orders so you can have plenty to celebrate with by July 7.


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