The Sweetest Candy Warehouse

The Sweetest Candy Warehouse

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One of the questions the employees here at Royal get asked the most is, “What is it like working in a candy warehouse?” The answer is simple: It’s pretty sweet! Our warehouse is filled to the brim with gummy candies, bulk chocolate, lollipops, and tons of other fresh bulk candies. It’s hard to resist all of the sweet temptations around us, but we’d do anything to provide our customers with the highest quality wholesale chocolate and candy. One of the aspects of Royal that we take great pride in is our candy warehouse. It's our central operating hub and it’s where we house the most important part of our business… our confectionery inventory!

Royal’s candy warehouse is somewhat different than most other candy distributor’s warehouses. The main reason is its size. Our warehouse is smaller than most other warehouses, but there’s a very important reason for this. Our warehouse is smaller because we don’t have the need to store tons of products for very long. Our inventory is expertly managed so that when we bring in fresh products, it is almost immediately shipped out to customers who have placed orders for it. In short, our customers get the freshest possible bulk candies and chocolates! Since we don’t store our products for long, we don’t need much space to put them!

Royal Wholesale's Candy Warehouse

Despite the smaller than usual size of our candy warehouse, each and every product has its proper place. We utilize a proprietary system to ensure that our warehouse employees know where each item is located so that our picking and packing process is quick and efficient. This is why there is little delay between the time an order is placed and when it is shipped. The system also ensure proper rotation of products to ensure we’re delivering the freshest confectionery items possible.

Royal Wholesale's Candy Warehouse

Our entire warehouse is also climate-controlled to ensure that all of our products are in pristine condition when our customers receive them. We even have a separate area for bulk chocolate products so that they can be stored at the proper temperature and away from any candies that may give the chocolate an undesirable taste or smell. You would be surprised to learn that most confectionery distributors do not take these common-sense precautions!

Royal Wholesale's Chocolate Warehouse

So all in all, yes, working in a candy warehouse is sweet, but it’s also a lot of hard work. We don’t mind putting in the extra effort though if it means we’re able to supply our customers with outstanding customer service, fast shipping and delivery, unbeatable prices, and the freshest, highest quality products. To experience what it’s like to be a Royal Wholesale customers, create an account to shop with us today!

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