Candy Dynamics Recalls 70 Million Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candies

Candy Dynamics Recalls 70 Million Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candies

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In a recent and concerning development, two candy manufacturers have issued nationwide recalls for their products due to a potentially life-threatening choking hazard. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a stern warning following a tragic incident in which a seven-year-old girl lost her life after a Cocco Candy Rolling Candy ball became lodged in her throat. This blog post sheds light on the details of these recalls and the importance of staying informed about product safety.


Cocco Candy Rolling Candy:  This product, distributed by Cocco Candy of Turkey and KGR Distribution based in Passaic, New Jersey, is at the center of the recall. Approximately 145,800 units of Cocco Candy Rolling Candy have been sold in stores across the country and online between May 2022 and March 2023

Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy: Candy Dynamics, with its headquarters based in Carmel, Indiana, has initiated a recall of a substantial 70 million units of their Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy. These products were distributed through a variety of retailers, including Walmart and Five Below, as well as being available online. This recall covers a period from June 2015 to July 2023. Importantly, up to this point, there have been no reported injuries associated with this recall.

The Choking Hazard: The common denominator in both recalls is the presence of rolling balls that can detach from the candy and pose a serious choking hazard, particularly to children. The tragic loss of a young life underscores the gravity of this issue.

What to Do if You Have These Candies: If you have purchased any of the recalled candies, it's crucial to take immediate action to protect yourself and your loved ones

Cocco Candy Rolling Candy: If you possess this product, discontinue its use immediately and contact the manufacturer for a full refund. Do not consume any candy that hasn't been emptied of the liquid candy.

Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy: If you have these candies, also stop using them right away. Reach out to Candy Dynamics for information on returning the product and obtaining a refund.

    It is a voluntary recall for candy dynamics Candy Dynamics places the highest priority on the safety of their products, and they take their responsibility to customers very seriously. In light of that, we are writing to announce that today Thursday, October 5th they and the Consumer Product Safety Commission will be jointly publicly announcing a voluntary recall of this product. This voluntary recall is associated with the rolling applicator ball and is not about the candy itself. No injuries have been reported. This voluntary recall does not impact any other of our products.

    The voluntary recall applies to the following specific products:

    Product Name | Size | UPC Code | Model Number
    Slime Licker® Sour Rolling Liquid Candy (Blue Razz & Strawberry) | 2 oz. | 8-98940-00101-6 | 45001
    Slime Licker® Sour Rolling Liquid Candy (Blue Razz & Strawberry) | 2 oz., 2 pack | 8-98940-00191-7 | 45002
    Mega Slime Licker® Sour Rolling Liquid Candy (Blue Razz & Strawberry) | 3 oz. | 8-98940-00169-6 | 46090
    Slime Licker® Sour Rolling Liquid Candy (Black Cherry & Sour Apple) | 2 oz. | 8-50034-59720-1 | 44060

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