Creative Ways To Attract More Customers To Your Business

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Building a healthy customer base is essential to any business. As every business owner knows your customers are the key to your businesses success. Establishing a strong customer base is the ideal to expand and grow your business. However many business owners don't know how to increase their customer base. In the past many owners have relied on more traditional methods of marketing such as word of mouth to grow their customer base. While this form of advertisement is very important there are other more creative ways to generate promotion and grow sales.  Here are 3 ways to attract more customers to your business. 

  • Get To Know Your Current Customers

Create and conduct customer surveysto see what your current customers think about your business. This will also help you determine who your next customers will be. You can learn a lot about how people see your business and the products you offer. Once you truly know who your customers are you will be able to better utilize your advertising budget to target your ideal customer.  

  • Implement Non-Traditional Advertising Techniques

No matter what kind of business you have, you need more customers! Some creative non-traditional marketing techniques that have been successful for other businesses are Guerrilla marketing, events, and seminars. Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy that promotes your product in an unconventional way. An example of this would be to display advertisements that featured your product at an event that isn't related to your business but is in the same industry. *Attending events is another non traditional advertising techniques. In the confectionery industry events are the perfect place to network and creatively display your products. *Lastly a clever and unique way to reach your audience would be through seminars. You could host a chocolate making how to or put together a DIY class to show your customers how to create candy tables featuring your products.  Believe us they will love it 

  • Run Contests Featuring Your Products As The Prize

Who doesn't like to win things, we sure do. A cool and unique way to get your customers involved with your brand is to host a contest. You can really think outside the box with this non traditional advertising technique. Running contests increases customer engagement, builds brand awareness, and grows your email contacts. The more successful you are at advertising your contest the more customers will interact with not only the contest but your products as well. Some fun contest ideas are: *Facebook liking contests that gives away free product if a certain goal is reached. * You could have customers vote on a new product to feature and then give a discount to the people who provide their email when they vote. *A photo contest is always popular! Get participates to enter a photo of them and one of your products used in a creative way. This will get your audience engaged in you and your products. To successfully grow your business you have to understanding how to get customers and keep them coming back. To have successful sales you need your customers to keep coming back. Implementing loyalty programs increase customer satisfaction which helps to increase your customer base. Always remember without customers you business doesn't exist.     About Royal Wholesale Candy Royal Wholesale Candy is a leading candy distributor founded in 1990 and is based in Mount Laurel, NJ. Royal offers their customers over a thousand varieties of candy, nuts and dried fruits to choose from at discounted wholesale prices. Royal serves retail stores, caterers, party planners, and organizations throughout the continental US and Canada. Royal's success and growth over the years can be attributed to their focus on delivering quality, value, and service every time. Visit Chelsea Marshall is an experienced Digital Advertising and Social Media Specialist. She has a degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing.


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