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Retro Candy Is All The Rage

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The saying "Everything old is new again" is certainly true, especially when it comes to candy. Consumers go crazy for old time, retro candies that transport them back in time to sweet moments of their childhood. Many people think that these candies of their childhood are distant memories, but when they spot them again on a store shelf, their eyes light up with joy and they're compelled to buy the candy for a taste of the old days. Stocking an array of retro candies can help your business capitalize on the popularity of these treats and increase your profits. Here are some of our top retro candy recommendations for your store.

Candy Buttons

Everyone loves candy buttons, even if they end up eating a little bit of the paper backing with each button. These bright bits of candy bring smiles to kids of all ages and they're available in .05oz packs, 1.5oz packs, 1,000 count bulk, Mega Candy Buttons, Sour Mega Candy Buttons, and Halloween Mega Candy Buttons. Necco Candy Buttons

Wax Bottles

These fun treats are the original liquid candy and they never go out of style! We carry these awesome retro wax candies from Concord Candy, American Nik L Nips and Cry Baby Sour Mini Drinks.

Wax Bottles

Abba Zaba

This peanut butter-filled taffy candy has been enjoyed by many since it’s introduction in the 1920’s. Royal Wholesale is one of just a handful of online distributors that carries this chewy treat in full-size bars as well as a bite-sized miniature version.

Abba Zaba Bar

Turkish Taffy

Turkish Taffy has been delighting consumers since 1912 and is still made using the original recipe. Not many candy manufacturers can say that! Royal Wholesale carries Turkish Taffy in strawberry, <" target="_blank" rel="noopener">chocolate, vanilla and banana.

Turkish Taffy

Mary Janes

First introduced in 1914, this sweet peanut butter and molasses flavored chew has been a long time staple in many penny candy stores and was named after the creator's favorite aunt. Mary Janes are pretty small, so make sure to order a lot of them!

Mary Janes


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