The Most Popular Retro Candy from Each Decade

The Most Popular Retro Candy from Each Decade

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If there's one thing we all remember from our childhood, it's the candy. But each generation, candy makers offer new and crazy treats that kids carry memories of for a lifetime. Also, every decade has its unique candy trends, which has made for some wild and tasty sweets in the past. From the 50s to today, here are the most popular retro candies from each decade.

The 1950s: Peeps
This Easter and year-round marshmallow favorite rolled out in 1954. The adorable, fluffy candy has been brightening up holidays ever since. Their pastel colors and soft flavor wowed candy buyers and made the treat a household favorite.

The 1960s: Razzles
Razzles is a fun vintage treat. The special sweet starts out like candy but turns to gum as it's chewed. With a variety of fun tropical fruit flavors, a pack of Razzles blew away children of the 60s. Razzles reeled in customers with a punchy slogan: "First, it's a candy, then it's gum." The candy's popularity may have waned over the years, but they're still available for nostalgic candy-lovers today.

The 1970s: Pop Rocks
Pop Rocks burst onto the market in the 70s. The fun popping candy dust could be thrown into soda for "explosive" results or mixed into popcorn and other desserts. Even today, Pop Rocks packaging is a throwback to the sweet and popping era it was born in.

The 1980s: Sour Patch Kids
Sour Patch Kids are sweet gummies with a very sour coating that made their debut in the 80s. Children loved the tangy, twisty, fruity flavors, including Lime, Peach, Lemon, and Cherry. Sour Patch Kids are still popular even today, but they now have newer flavors.

The 1990s: Baby Bottle Pops
Every 90s baby will remember Baby Bottle Pops. The treat had a sucker-shaped lollipop on the lid and a sugary dunking powder in the bottle. Ads rang out with the oddly catchy song crooning, "Baby Bottle Pop, Baby Bottle Pop."

The 2000s: Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans
A whimsical twist on classic jelly beans was released in 2001 to celebrate the new Harry Potter movie out that year. With crazy fictional flavors like Earthworm and Rotten Egg, wizard-loving kids were wild about the beans.

The 2010s: Take 5 bar
Hershey's released a peanut butter and chocolate bar of delight in the early 2010s that made everyone want to take a break. The yummy treat combines pretzels, peanuts, caramel, and peanut butter for a crunchy, salty, sweet trip for your taste-buds. The delicious candy bar is still wowing snackers today.

We can't wait to do a little reminiscing or maybe even time travel with a bit of help from some tasty treats. Retro candies may be old, but they're still pretty sweet.


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