These Nostalgic Candies Will Take You Straight Back to Your Childhood

These Nostalgic Candies Will Take You Straight Back to Your Childhood

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All too often, growing up means letting go of the small pleasures that used to make up an entire day. Fortunately, some of those pleasures are still available in candy form. There are many candies that we enjoyed as children that we may not have had or even thought about for years! Royal Wholesale carries a huge selection of retro candy and penny candy, many of which you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. So if you’re looking to take a trip down memory lane or to provide your customers with hard-to-find retro treats, check out a few of our favorites listed below.

Boston Baked Beans

Candy baked beans? Sounds pretty gross, even to candy lovers like us. But we promise these are no ordinary baked beans or candies for that matter. Boston Baked Beans candies are actually fresh roasted peanuts wrapped in a sweet, crunchy coating created through a specialized panning process. We promise you’ll love them!

Boston Baked Beans

Candy Cigarettes

What you may have come to know as candy cigarettes are not more commonly referred to as “candy sticks”. The name change came with the change in how smoking is viewed more negatively in society today. Despite the name change, these sweet and sugary sticks are still as delicious and as popular as ever. And if you haven’t already, you should give bubble gum cigarettes a try too!

Candy CigarettesBubble Gum Cigarettes

Slo Poke

As the name implies, you’ll want to enjoy these sweet and chewy caramel treats extra slowly to savor all of the delicious flavor they have to offer. At Royal, we have Slo Pokes available in a 160 count tub of bite-sized treats as well as a 24 count box of individually wrapped 1.5-ounce bars. Yum!

Slo Poke TubSlo Poke Bars

Beemans Gum

In the 1890s, Dr. Edward Beeman of Ohio added pepsin powder (a digestion aid he gave his patients) to chicle to produce the popular Beemans Pepsin Chewing Gum. Today, this retro chewing gum is particularly hard to find, but not if you shop at Royal Wholesale! Be sure to pick up this tasty gum today!

Beemans Gum


Zotz sounds like it would be a candy of the future, but it’s actually a sweet retro treat from the past. They are a delicious hard candy with a sour, fizzy center that comes in cherry, apple, grape, blue raspberry, orange, and watermelon flavors. If you’re new to trying Zotz, we suggest ordering a 48 count box to get started. Once you’re hooked, you’ll want to order the 15 pound bulk size for sure!

Zotz Candy

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