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5 Tips For Using Facebook To Promote Your Confectionery Business

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For many confectionery business, social media is the only way to connect to an internet based audience, especially if you don't have your own website. When it comes to choosing a social media network for your business, Facebook reigns supreme. It's visual, interactive, informative and easy to use, so you really can't go wrong when choosing to use Facebook to represent your business online. With that being said, it's also easy to make some mistakes on Facebook that won't help your business at all. Here are a few tips to get you started off on the right foot when using Facebook to promote your confectionery business.

Fill Out Your Page Details

So many businesses fail to properly fill out their Facebook profile and it often leaves Facebook users frustrated and looking for information. Be sure to include your phone number, email address, physical address, hours of operation, and a description of the products and services you offer. This covers the basics of what visitors to your page are most likely looking for, so make this information available to them! If you happen to have a website, make sure it's listed on your profile as well.

Make Friends and Build Connections

When you first create your business page, you obviously won't have any followers, so go out and get some! You can start off by inviting your friends to like your page. For instructions on how to do this, click here. You can also follow other Facebook business pages that are related to your business, such as other confectionery shops, recipe blogs, or confectionery suppliers like Royal Wholesale. Often times, if you like their page, they will like yours in return. Also, if you create fun, interactive and informative content, your followers will share it with their friends and then maybe some of their friends will start to follow your business page too.


As simple as this sounds, so many business fail to do it or don't do it often enough. How often is often enough? Well, it depends. Obviously time plays a factor in how often you post. If you're pressed for time, try scheduling posts in advance when possible. Not sure what to post? Trial and error will be your best friend. Post a variety of content and see what your followers seem to enjoy most. When you figure out what kind of content that is, post more of it! Some post ideas include sales or promotions you're running, holiday related content, links to recipes or other informative content related to your business and updates about your products and services.

Consider Facebook Advertising

If you're interested in reaching a larger audience on Facebook outside of your following, consider paying for Facebook Ads. You've probably seen paid advertising in the news feed of your personal Facebook account. You'll know it's an ad because it will say "sponsored" at the top of the post. In addition to ads, you can also boost/promote your posts. For example, if you have a post about an upcoming sale and you'd like more people to see it, you can boost/promote. The great thing about advertising on Facebook is that they have many targeting options so you can make sure the right people see your ad. It's also very inexpensive to do if you don't have a big budget.

Facebook Ad

Facebook Boosted Post

Read and Respond

If you have a well put together Facebook page and are posting great content, it's likely that people will comment on your posts or even leave a review of your business. This is great because it gives you an opportunity to interact with your audience. People also tend to be brutally honest about their thoughts and feelings towards your business when hiding behind their computer screens. Be sure to respond to both positive and negative comments. Responding to negative comments and reviews gives you the opportunity to publicly rectify the situation and you'll look all the better for doing it. If a comment or review is inappropriate, delete it and respond to the person via a private message. You can also move a conversation to a private message if the person starts to rant and carry on while you're trying to rectify the situation.


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