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Money Saving Tips For Your Candy Store

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No matter what kind of business you own, saving money should be a top priority for you. After all, saving money on store operations means more profit in the bank for you. When it comes to running a confectionery business, the number one way to save money and keep your profits up is to keep the products on your shelves selling quickly. This can be a difficult task for many store owners, especially when it comes to seasonal treats and unpopular items. These types of candies end up getting marked down in price until they eventually sell, just so you can get rid of them and free up your shelf space and purchasing budget to buy a new product. More often than not, marking items down leaves you breaking even, or worse yet, in the red. Nothing bugs us more than seeing our customers take a loss on a product. Therefore, we've come up with the creative tips below to help you give your candies a second chance at a full-price sale.

Separate/Combine Colors

It's amazing how people view certain colors and color combinations. For example, when we see a mix of pink, blue, green and silver Hershey Kisses, we've been programmed to think "Easter candy". If you're stuck with a seasonal mix of candy after the holiday has passed, consider separating the colors instead of putting the mix on sale. In the case of the Hershey Kisses, toss the silver ones in with your everyday silver Kisses. Promote the pink and blue Kisses as being perfect for baby showers or gender reveals and the green kisses as being a great color for spring. Customers also love being able to buy individual colors for candy buffets. You can also mix the colors back up again to create your own seasonal mixes.

Hershey Kisses Pastel Easter

Buy Seasonal Colors

If getting stuck with holiday specific candy such as gummy santas or foiled chocolate pumpkins is a problem you encounter after every holiday, consider shopping by color for your seasonal items. For example, choosing green apple gummy rings and red chocolate coins means that once Christmas has passed, you can simply sell these candies as part of your everyday stock without having to put them on sale.

Make Your Own Flavor Assortment

When it turns out that your customers are not big fans of kiwi jelly beans (or any other flavor or type of candy), don't put them on sale to try and get rid of them. Instead, add them into your assorted jelly bean mix or other candy mix. Not only will this help you move the product, but it will introduce your customers to a flavor that they may end up actually enjoying.


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