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Mother's Day Marketing Tips

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Mother's Day marketing can be a tricky business. You want to appeal to moms because plenty of moms will be shopping for their own mothers, but you also need to appeal to husbands and kids who will be out there shopping as well and who may not be the savviest of shoppers. Here are some creative ways you can market your confectionery business to a wide audience and capitalize on holiday sales.

1. Reward Moms

Even though this holiday is meant for moms, they end up shopping for the occasion too. (It's true! They never really get a day off!) Show how much you appreciate moms that shop in your store by offering them a special promotion or discount to return at a later date to treat themselves to something special. It will make shopping on their own holiday a little more enjoyable.

2. Target Husbands

Let's face it. Most husbands are clueless when it comes to shopping for Mother's Day gifts. Help them out! Make them feel comfortable, confident and capable when they shop in your store. Show them that you have what their wives want and that purchasing it from you is quick and painless. No guy wants to be stuck in a store all day pondering what to buy only to find out later that their purchase was a mistake. What can you offer them to make their shopping experience easier and more successful? Pre-made gift baskets? Call ahead ordering? Delivery?

Confused Husband

3. Host A Mom Event

Hosting events for moms is a great way to boost business. If it's a "mom only" event, it gives moms some "me time". Or you could have an event where you encourage people to bring their mom in with them to spend quality time together and take advantage of special deals and promotions. Either way, these events bring people into your store who otherwise may never have stopped in.

4. Create A Kids Event

Kid-friendly Mother's Day events are great. Host an event where kids can make or pick out something just for mom. This kind of event also makes a dad's shopping experience with his kids a little more manageable and fun and moms will love that their kids had some daddy bonding time.

Homemade Mother's Day Cards

5. Create a "Mom" Section

Shopping for mom can be difficult. Help your customers easily sift through the items in your store and go right to the Mother's Day gifts ( the ones you want them to buy). You can do this in a variety of ways. Try creating a gift guide or a special section in your store specifically with gifts appropriate for mom. You can take things a step further by breaking the section down into "gifts from the kids", gifts from husbands, etc.

There are a ton of great ways to market Mother's Day. The key is finding which tactics work best for your business. Think like a shopper and you'll surely be successful.


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