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5 Benefits of Using Royal Wholesale's My Lists Feature

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Here at Royal Wholesale, everything we do to improve our website and ordering experience is done with our customers in mind. We strive to create an experience that goes above and beyond what any other wholesaler in our industry is capable of providing. One of our favorite website improvements is our My Lists feature, located within your account dashboard on our website. To learn how to quickly and easily begin creating your own lists, click here. The My Lists feature is great because it's super easy to use and there a many wonderful benefits of using it, such as the ones listed below.

1. Pre-Order For Holidays

The My Lists feature is great for helping you prepare for various holidays. When holiday items are first placed on our website, they are available for you to pre-order. Take this time to create a holiday list such as “Halloween” and add items to it that you would like to pre-order. Once your list is complete, you can order any or all of the items in the list with just one click!

Halloween List

2. Stay Organized

My Lists can be used for more than just holiday pre-ordering. You can create a list for anything you want! Break lists down into candy types, brands, holidays, occasions... Whatever makes the most sense for you and your business! They key here is staying organized so that locating and ordering the items you want is quick and easy.

List Categories

3. Keep Track of Favorite Items

If you're browsing our website to see what's new or are looking for great products to add to your inventory, you can easily add items you come across to any list you've already created! All you have to do is click "Add To My Lists" next to the product image and select the list you'd like to add the product to. When you're ready to order the item, you'll know just where to find it!

Add To My Lists

Add To This List

4. Order From Multiple Lists At One Time

So now you have multiple lists set up in your My List feature, but what if you need to order items off of more than one of your lists? No problem! All you need to do is check the checkbox to the left of the item in your list that you want to purchase and click the blue Add To Cart button. You can check off as many items as you need to before clicking Add To Cart. Simply go to a different list and follow the same instructions to add items from that list to your cart.

Add To Cart

5. Save Time

If you use the My Lists feature to do any or all of the above four things, you will naturally be saving yourself a TON of time on your usual shopping and ordering process!

If you need assistance using the My Lists feature or any of our other website features, please feel free to reach out to us via our Online Help Desk or LiveChat.


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