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Advantages of Ordering Online With Royal Wholesale

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At Royal Wholesale, we believe that ordering snacks and confectionery items should be one of the easiest things you do to maintain your business. Therefore, we're constantly tweaking and updating our website and online ordering process to make it easier and more convenient for you. The majority of our customers have been placing online orders with us for quite some time now and are thrilled with the quickness and ease with which they are able to do so. To those of you who aren't placing your orders online, you're missing out! On what you may ask? EVERYTHING! But seriously, you're missing out on a ton of great benefits like the ones listed below.

Save Time!

Ordering online takes a fraction of the time that ordering over the phone does. Use our Quick Buy feature, easily reorder your previous orders and save custom lists of items to your Favorites to speed up the ordering process even more!

Access To Exclusive Online Sales and Discounts

Everyone loves saving money and ordering online with Royal Wholesale gives you the opportunity to do so! We offer our online shoppers a multitude of exclusive sales and promo codes that can be entered at checkout for big time savings!

Eliminate Ordering Errors

Ordering online ensures that your order is placed for the exact items and quantities you want and puts your order right in front of you for your review before checking out. No need to worry about miscommunication that can occur over the phone!

Miscommunication Order Anytime, Anywhere!

No need to limit placing orders to business hours! Our website is available to you 24/7 365 days a year! Shop anytime, anywhere at your convenience!

Save Custom Lists For Easy Ordering

With our brand new My Lists feature, you can create and save lists of your favorite products that can be used for easy ordering and reordering. You can create as many lists as you want and give them custom names for holidays, occasions, etc. so you can easily find the list you’re looking for. Like the order you've put together in your shopping cart? Save the entire order as a list so you can easily reorder from it later! Once you open a saved list, you can easily add or remove items, adjust quantities, and see your prices change in real time. Simply click "Add to Cart" when your list is the way you want it and you're all set to checkout!

My Lists Access To Over 4,000 Items!

Do you have a fear of missing out? Well, how do you know what you're missing if you never visit our website to find out? If you're not ordering online, you're missing out on having access to the over 4,000 quality products in our inventory! No Distributor can show you every item they carry in a print catalog and none of them can show them to you on a high-quality website like ours. Each product on our site is accompanied by a color photo, product details, price, and a product comparison feature to help you choose the right item for you.

Forget To Order Something? No Problem!

There's no longer a need to call in add-ons to your order! You can easily order items online that you may have forgotten or run out of within 72 hours of placing your initial order. If you do so within 72 hours, you will not need to meet our $250 minimum order requirement and your items will be shipped as one shipment with no additional shipping costs. You can add items as many times as you need to within the 72 hour time period.

Faster Shopping & Ordering With Our Quick Buy Feature

Our Quick Buy feature gives you the ability to quickly search for the items you want using product titles, SKUs, categories, or descriptions. The products found via your search are automatically added to a list where you can alter the quantities of each item as needed and see the price adjustments in real time. You can also click to view the individual product pages, delete items from your order form, and add them to your Shopping Cart with just one click, all on one webpage! Click here to learn more about Quick Buy.

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The Royal Wholesale blog is full of wonderful articles that can keep you informed on industry news and assist you in growing your business. From new product announcements to helpful marketing ideas, our blog has something for everyone!


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