Confectionery Trends for 2016

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The confectionery industry is truly growing at a rapid pace. The candy market has continued to see positive growth throughout 2015 and 2016 looks even brighter. With many big candy players already dominating the industry, newcomers are looking to shake things up. As consumers continue to spend more on sweet products, businesses are looking to provide more creative and sophisticated confectionery options. Here are some of the top confectionery trends for 2016.


Organic and Natural Foods

The natural and organic food industry has seen major changes over the past few years. Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and informed about what ingredients are put into their favorite candies. Some ways that companies have responded to this trend are with clearer labels, simplified ingredients, and using less artificial preservatives in their products. Many shoppers are now seeing their favorite brands also create diet specific candies and snacks in response to the demand. To help you find these candies Royal Wholesale has created gluten free, vegan, and sugar-free candy links to help all of our customers find candies specific to their business needs.

Mixing Sweets and Protein

Chocolate manufacturers are starting to respond to consumers need to have a sweet treat and nourish their bodies. Candy bars that include fiber-rich ingredients like peanuts and almonds really appeal to this market. Our chocolate almonds and chocolate peanut butter snacks are great options for your customers.

Premium Chocolates

When it comes to sinful sweets the luxury chocolate market is truly responding. As new and creative products are being made, manufacturers are not skimping on quality or taste. Now seen as an affordable luxury, premium chocolate is here to stay. Some of the premium brands that we carry are Asher, Lindt, and Riesen. Premium chocolates will continue to be a popular 2016 confectionery trend due to their presence in pop culture and usage one celebrity cooking shows.


Royal Wholesale Candy is a leading candy distributor founded in 1990 and is based in Mount Laurel, NJ. Royal offers their customers over a thousand varieties of candy, whether you’re looking for chocolate or bubble gum. Royal serves retail stores, caterers, party planners, and organizations throughout the continental US and Canada. Royal's success and growth over the years can be attributed to their focus on delivering quality, value, and service every time.



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