Retro Candies From the 1940s

Most of the 1940s revolved around WWII, but there were plenty of different candies around in the 40s to help bring a little sweetness to the world. Buying bulk candy treats from the 1940s is easier than ever with Royal Wholesale. We carry a wide variety of wholesale retro candies from the 40’s that you’re sure to love. Our state-of-the-art websites makes finding and purchasing candy online a breeze. Choose from various fast and affordable shipping options and you’ll be enjoying your treats in no time!

1940s Bulk Wholesale Candy

Take a step back in time with your favorite bulk candies from the 40s! Stock up on nostalgic candies from the decade such as World Candy Cigarettes, Chowards Scented Gum, and Wonka Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip! These old fashioned candies are perfect for gifts, school reunions, or just because. With the lowest wholesale prices on the web, you can stock up on tons of old time candy from Royal Wholesale!

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