What You Must Know About Shipping Bulk Candy Wholesale in the Summertime Heat

What You Must Know About Shipping Bulk Candy Wholesale in the Summertime Heat

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Essentials for Shipping Bulk Candy in the Summertime Heat

Summer is definitely here and the heat is on! It is an important time of year to ensure that Royal Wholesale and our customers, both take the necessary precautions to keep your confectionery inventory safe from the summer heat. Temperature plays a key role in the quality and freshness of candy and chocolate and we want to give you a few tips on what we do and what you can also do to help preserve your confectionery inventory and have it in the best possible shape for your customers.

Here are some steps Royal Wholesale Candy takes to ensure your product gets delivered in the great shape:

  1. The first hot weather shipping precaution we take is with our packaging. All orders containing temperature-sensitive items are packed in boxes with insulated liners and cold packs to help keep the product cool for up to 48 hours. We also use dry ice and insulated liners on pallet size orders that also keep cool for up to 48 hours.

  1. In addition to altering our packaging for summer weather, we also alter our shipping methods. We only ship out temperature sensitive orders Monday through Wednesday to ensure that your shipment is not left to sit in a shipping facility or truck  over the weekend where it could possibly be exposed to high temperatures for a long period of time.



Here are some tips you as a customer can use to help order product stay fresh during the Hot Summer Months:

  1. Plan Deliveries Accordingly - During the summer, it's crucial to bring your deliveries indoors right away to keep them from getting too hot.  Due to summer holidays and vacations, your business may be closed at certain points during the season. Don't place any orders that may arrive at your business when you're closed to avoid packages being left out in the heat. Please check out our shipping map for details about transit times or simply message us for details.

  1. Store Inventory Properly -  You should store confectionery items at approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the best quality of your product. At this temperature, you will be able to keep just about every kind or candy, chocolate and other confectionery item at its best. Be sure to check that  stock rooms,  display cases and storage areas under sales counters are kept at this temperature too! They are known to retain heat and can also cause damage to your products. Also, make sure heat sensitive products are not in direct exposure to the sun from windows and doors, this  can also cause melting and damage. 

  1. Read Product Packaging - If you are unsure about how a particular product needs to be handled or stored, check the product packaging for details.  If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to the friendly staff here at Royal Candy Wholesale for assistance.

  1. Order Only What You Need -  If you're short on a display or storage space for your confectionery products, simply place smaller orders that are just enough to fill your shelves. With our low minimum order and  fast shipping,  Royal Wholesale Candy can keep you fully stocked on a regular basis.

Royal Wholesale goes above and beyond during the summer months to ensure that your shipments arrive to you in excellent condition. Hopefully we've been able to clear up any questions or concerns you may have had regarding shipping bulk candy and chocolate during hot summer months.


For information on our hot weather shipping precautions, Click Here.



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